Since 2006, shake & stir drama classes have been a regular extra-curricular activity adored by tens of thousands of students. These classes have been proven to strengthen children’s performance and communication skills, raise their self confidence and increase their level of physical activity.

In 2020, this program moves online.


Each week, your child will engage with a carefully-planned, professionally-produced and, most importantly, super-fun 30 minutes of creative play, at home. We’re talking drama activities and performance-based games that will get them acting and keep them active. While it’s important for children to be covering numeracy and literacy skills whilst learning from home, we think the Arts is just as valuable.

Through acting and imaginative play, INTERACT participants will gain invaluable real-life skills such as listening, flexibility, empathy, resilience, kinaesthetic learning, teamwork, confidence and friendship building.

Each INTERACT lesson follows a structure, each building upon the last: 

  • IMAGINATION STATION (Performance based activities)
  • CREATION STATION (Home activity & worksheets)
  • WRAP UP (Warm down)

Children will be encouraged to go big and bold with everything they do and will be guided to act like no one is watching – so you may hear some very strange noises coming from your living room while your child is INTERACTING.

No need to be alarmed – it’s just a budding creative genius at play! Each week, lessons will be built around a certain theme and will require some simple props – always including coloured pencils and that week’s worksheet (printable from the shake & stir INTERACT website) and sometimes an activity may require an items that can be found around the house – like a shoebox, a tea towel, an odd sock… There is a short check list that we encourage you to look at prior to each lesson, this will ensure participants are ready to go, once the lesson commences. Moments of solo work (using the worksheets) will be completed during the lesson – at this time an on-screen timer will guide the children in completing the task – so simply press play at the top of the class and off we go.

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