My child has never done a Drama class – is INTERACT still suitable?
Absolutely – lessons are designed to accommodate students who have never participated in a drama class before (including those that are perhaps a little shy or lacking confidence) as well as our Drama Kings and Queens. Each at home student can interact to a degree they are comfortable with.

What age are the lessons for?
The lessons have been created for all primary aged students. There are two versions of each lesson available (at no extra cost), Juniors (P-3) and Seniors (4-6).

How often are INTERACT lessons streamed?
Each Wednesday in Term 2 a new lesson will be added to the interact website. Should your child join us mid-way through the term – you will have access to all previous lessons. To keep our lessons current, our team are producing a new lesson each week for release the following week.

What do I need?
You need an internet connection and a device that your child can use. We suggest streaming the lesson to your TV, to maximize the impact of the class, but a laptop, ipad or even a phone propped up on a coffee table will definitely do the trick! You will need to set up a username and password to access to the lessons – this is really simple and will only take a few minutes.

What will I need to provide my child/s when they are using INTERACT?
Everything your child will require for each lesson will be displayed in a short check list on the INTERACT website. We are talking simple, readily available household items – like a tea towel, sock or a shoe box (for example). You will also need to grab the accompanying (print at home) worksheet/s for each lesson. It’s great to set aside some space in your child’s bedroom or the living room that they can use as their special shake & stir space.

What’s included in the Backstage Access Pack?
Your child gets access to all 6 lessons for Term 2 PLUS a weekly 30 minute LIVE session hosted by an INTERACT instructor – leading participants through a range of extra fun activities and exercises. We will post you all of the worksheets  (so you don’t have to stress about printing at home), PLUS we will include extra activities, worksheets and creative games that they can complete at home.

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